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Our Montessori Journey

Our Montessori Journey

A guided journal for parents and carers who want to observe, reflect and grow alongside their little humans.

The Journals

Matte & Matte DELUX

Our Montessori Journey: A Guided Journal

OMJ Matte

Available with covers in light cream, lilac grey and teal blue. The interiors of the journals are in black and white on cream paper.  



Also available with covers in light cream, lilac grey and teal blue. The interiors of the journals are in full colour on white paper.

The Journals
The Benefits

The Benefits

It's all about connection ... 

Woman journaling on a desk

Connect with Yourself

Foster a positive self image and positive mental health.

Today, I am proud of myself for

Today, I am grateful for

Let's remember to take pride in our daily parenting and find moments for gratefulness. 

Woman meditating peacefully

Connect with the Moment

Calm your mind and spirit with meditative reflection.

Today, I'd like to remember the moment

Let's find moments in the chaos or calm that are worth meditating on - spend a minute or many meditating.

Mother connecting with her child, kissing her child

Connect with Your Little Human

Observe who your child is becoming.

Today, I will guide by

Today, I will encourage by

Today, I observed


Let's allow the child to lead in their development and watch as our bond grows stronger.   

Woman planning, organising and documenting

Connect the

Organise and document observations.



You will see patterns and schemas evolving more clearly.


Planning becomes more evidence based and the prepared environment is relevant to the child's interest and developmental stage. 


Montessori Prepared Environment

Connect the Rhythms

Plan book rotations, activity rotations and identify daily rhythms.  


You will help develop a manageable and predictable rhythm in your home.



Rotations and rhythms become relevant to cycles (seasonal, monthly, daily) - children have context and feel safe whilst you have planned, manageable and relevant rotations.

Montessori Children Playing

Connect the Methodology 

Read gentle reminders about Montessori and Gentle Parenting methodology.


Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed by .... well, everything. 



When overwhelmed, the emotional brain (amygdala) takes over our rational brain (prefrontal cortex) and it is very difficult to be an 'engaged' rather than a 'reactive' parent.     


Is the journal for me?

Untitled design.png

I'm new to Montessori or Gentle Parenting.

Is this journal for me?



Learning a new approach to parenting can be overwhelming. Take it step by step.


The journals are crafted to gently guide and to keep you centred in a positive mentality.

The OMJ Me

OMJ in Action

How can I use OMJ?

Using Our Montessori Journey to plan out two shelf rotations with evidence-based observations, identifying how to best support the boys throughout the day, and reflecting on the day's wins. 

The OMJ in Action

The OMJ Story

Mum on a Montessori Mission

To all of the Mums, Dads and caregivers who want to grow alongside their little humans, this is for you.


My name is Yana (Montessori Mishka) and this is my family. My husband (Jay) and our two sons (Zevi & Yareakh).

When Zevi was 18 months old, I read Simone Davies' book The Montessori Toddler and my brain skipped a beat. I consumed every Montessori resource I could find and could barely keep my enthusiasm in check.

In our small flat in Bristol, we slowly began incorporating Montessori principles in our physical space and learning about Gentle/Positive Parenting in our emotional space.

By the time our second son was born, I felt confident that we had a solid system in place. That confidence was quickly shattered by (1) buying a house, (2) moving house two days before our son was born, and (3) IMMEDIATELY entering into a world pandemic and a year of lockdowns!

Our system didn't evolve- it exploded.

... read more

The OMJ Story
The Contact

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